Walk of the water

  • Puebla de Alcocer has many fountains and springs scattered throughout the village, water is of a high quality due to its natural origin.

    In the past, when there was no running water at home, there was a great tradition where women went to fetch water supplies from the fountains loaded with earthen jars that were held with ease on their heads and hips. In the 1990´s a tribute to the women and the traditional way in which they carried the water to their homes was built, one of the most emblematic fountains of the village, called “EL CAMINO” («THE WAY»).

    The fountain of «OÑAMIRA» has taps around it and it´s surrounded by an iron fence and gate upon which appears the date of construction 1903. On the outside you have a beautiful pillar that was used as a watering hole for cattle.

    One of the most used springs was once the fountain of ¨EL CHORRO» («THE STREAM”) of excellent quality, it is located in the convent of San (Saint) Francisco and was used for watering peoples allotments.

    Another of the springs to highlight is «EL BONAL» where due to the amount of water produced it was used as a public laundry.

    Today, there are many sources of drinking water distributed throughout the village, and others are purely ornamental.

    Rainy season