Traditional Celebrations

  • Traditional bullfights are held the second week of August for one week.

    Traditionally the bullfights were held in the Plaza de España (Square of Spain), where neighbours assembled the square with wooden poles. There are numerous anecdotes of the time declaring how much fun it was to see the bull escape in the streets, without any incident occurring.

    Later, in 1991 a bullring was constructed which is found on the road to the Lagoon.  The bullring was named «Collaboration» thanks to the efforts of the neighbours who helped in the construction work. Currently all kinds of bullfighting events are held, including novice bullfights.

    In the week of the holidays you can enjoy bull runs, orchestras and great music and fireworks show.

    It is the celebration of excellence, also called «Fiesta emigrant», as it is when the village receives the largest influx of visitors throughout the year, all those countrymen who emigrated together with their descendants to celebrate that they have returned to their long-awaited home.

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