The Municipality

  • Let’s talk about Puebla de Alcocer

    Puebla de Alcocer is a small village in the province of Badajoz that belongs to the Region of Extremadura Siberia.

    The core of the population is seated in the mountains, crowned by a medieval castle and surrounded by two of the largest reservoirs in Spain: the  Serena and the Orellana, being one of the most unique and beautiful enclosurethroughout the province.

    Its municipality is extensive, reaching 296.7 km2. The community is located in the foothills of the mountain range, crowned by its iconic landmark, the medieval Castle of XII century, its streets are steep and irregular as of a rugged terrain. It´s all a magical place to discover.

    Puebla de Alcocer is surrounded by places that will fill your senses. Due to natural areas that accompany us, Puebla de Alcocer is included within the ZEPA – Zona de Especial Protección para las Aves, (SPA area – Special Protection Area for Birds), and the esplanade of the castle and inside it, a place of pilgrimage for visitors who practice birdwatching.

    The castle of Puebla de Alcocer represents one of the most formidable watchtowers of Extremadura, since from its summit a panorama of unparalleled territories is seen.You cannot miss our oldvillage, with its steep streets full of charm, the convents and all the architectural wonders that surround Puebla.

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    Shield of Puebla de Alcocer

  • The Region

    The Extremaduran Siberia consists of 18 municipalities, divided into two communities. Bordered on the North by the province of Cáceres, on the East by the community of Castilla-La Mancha, to the South by the county of La Serena, and to the West with Vegas Altas.

    The Region of Siberia has a climate of contrasts, with temperatures low in winter and high in summer, a priceless nature of incalculable value and some freshwater beaches that have been awarded with blue flag, unique in Spain.

    Don´t miss the opportunity to get to know us!

  • Mapa de la Siberia Extremeña