Sport Fishing

Our land is surrounded by the waters of the Guadiana, Zújar and Guadelmar rivers. Puebla de Alcocer is located within an exceptional triangle formed by dream like reservoirs, Garcia de Sola, Orellana and La Serena, the second largest water catchment, last being the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest reservoirs in Europe.

The fishing method can be performed in different ways, as well as having several fishable species, there are navigable areas and spaces to practice night fishing. One of the most practiced forms is carpfishing (oriented sport fishing directed at catching big carp) since the existence of huge specimens of cyprinids in our reservoirs is obvious.

A reference for lovers of sport fishing and large catches

  • The bridge Cogollado, paradise of the pike

    Located in the reservoir of Orellana, is a privileged place to which hosts many banks of pike. It’s amazing, the number of catches and the quality, due to the depth of the reservoir water, specimens are large.

    This bridge is visited by lovers of pike fishing of all nationalities who frequently practice sport fishing in this enclave, in addition to Spaniards arriving from across Spain.

    To extract the catches of Pike a basket is used since the fishing is done several meters above the water level.

  • Resevoir of Orellana, exclusive area for carp

    It is the reservoir where the biggest carp in Spain have been caught, it is abundant with common carp and you can often see examples of royal carp which are appreciated much more by anglers.

    It is common to find on the banks of the reservoir carp fishing fans that have come from all over Spain.

    It has some confined areas in which to practice night fishing, a booming sport now practiced in the region.

  • Serena Reservoir, national reserve

    It is one of the best national fish reserves in Spain, where you can find many examples of pike, black-blass, catfish, carp, catfish, tench, etc …

    The reservoir has a rural road of several miles, along the coast of Esparragosa de Lares to the bridge of the Masatrigo hill which gives us access to the shore,consequently it has become a place for sport fishing.

    Summer is the best time to catch, since the fish become much more due to the rise in temperature.