Old Town

Immerse yourself in our streets

The old town of Puebla de Alcocer has a great history within its peculiar and narrow passages.

Just outside one of the arches of the Plaza de España (Square of Spain), specifically crossing below the passage of the Palacio de los Duques de Osuna (Palace of the Dukes of Osuna), a jump in time happens, entering completely into the medieval history and customs of our village.

Steep, narrow alleys, old furnaces, houses with walls full of life and with irregular polygonal shapes, built on top of rocks and slopes … You cannot miss our peculiar architecture.

Puebla de Alcocer, sitting on the side of the mountain has many steep streets, one of the most famous is the popular name of “calle escarchaculo” («frost bottom street») due to the number of people who have fallen down the slope. The cobbled streets also have their charm and you should not miss the opportunity to climb to the neighboring village location, known as “las espeñas” where you will be able to see a large rocky mass and admire our wonderful medieval castle. From here you can get the most exclusive photographic snapshots.

Near “las espeñas” we can find remains of an ancient castle – cylindrical tower of irregular masonry and a wall, both had defensive functions for the people.

You can also get lost in stories and religious characters very important to Puebla de Alcocer, if we talk about art, you can´t miss the Church of Santiago Apóstol and contemplate the wonderful frescoes (paintings) of the XIII century.