Historic Buildings

  • House of Arévalo

    Its facade is white and yellow, belonging to the same era and artistic style as the Calderones, but without a shield and more simple.


    House of Arévalo

  • House of the Calderones

    It is from the early twentieth century. It consists of a whitewashed façade, which carries work bearing the embossed coat of arms with a beautiful shield and ornaments of tile work belonging to the family of Calderones.

  • calderones

    House of the Calderones

  • House of the Commander

    This is a Seventeenth century house notable for its ashlar stone, finished off with ridged carved pinnacles. It is very simple and of great beauty. The rest of the facade is whitewashed.

  • comendador

    House of the Commander

  • House of the Holy Inquisition

    It was built approximately in the sixteenth century. It was stopping place for the travelling Inquisitor, sent from the headquarters of the Holy Inquisition of Toledo or Llerena. It has a beautiful facade made with blocks of carved stone. There is a large embossed arch over the door and on top of this on both sides, are two menacing masks. Finished with pinnacles and leading to a gargoyle on top.

    The handle of the door is very striking as it looks like a child’s face.

  • inquisición

    House of the Holy Inquisition

  • The house of the Sólo de Zaldívar

    House of the early twentieth century, the main difference between this and the other “Solariegas” houses, is that it has three floors.

    It has numerous large latticed windows. Above the main door, it shows the coat of arms of Sólo de Zaldívar.

  • zaldivar

    The house of the Sólo de Zaldívar