The gastronomy of Puebla de Alcocer is varied and can be included within the culinary characteristics of the region, as well as Extremaduran and Mediterranean cuisine.

Part of the cuisine is based on products cultivated on the land and in the utilization of livestock resources.

Some of the typical dishes you can find in Puebla de Alcocer are Extremaduran stew, bread crumbs, white beans, pickled dishes, thick cold vegetable soup, garlic soup and a thinner cold vegetable soup. The land products consumed are the thistles, the truffles, chicory and asparagus.  Notably the magnificent olive oil that is produced exclusively in our village, extracted from the olive groves of our neighbours.

There is a large baking tradition, most women make handcrafted typical deserts such as flowers, doughnuts, almond muffins or “candelillas”. Also the production of liquors and wines, the Pitarra wine and the most significant drink of our people, the Chapurrao.  It is a local drink made from brandy, which uses cinnamon sticks, saffron, lemon grass and supplemented with sugar. You can find it on sale, along with the deserts in the Women’s Association.

  • One of the big traditions of Puebla is to carry out the slaughter of a pig. Each family makes their own range of provisions from the pig, handmade tasty chorizos, black pudding, sausages and Iberian hams are some of the products extracted.

    In the village there is a handcrafted cheese that is made from cow´s milk which is not to be missed!

    Finally, the cheese typical of the area is a sheep´s cheese, known as «Queso de la Serena».

    Puebla de Alcocer is at the gateway to the region of La Serena, where is, the largest number of merino sheep which are the local breed. The cheeses and cakes of this denomination are unique in Spain.

    Be seduced by your senses!