Corpus Christi

It is celebrated 60 days after Easter Sunday. The day of Corpus always falls on Thursday, although in Puebla de Alcocer this festival is moved to the Sunday to accommodate the work schedule, so that all the residents are able to participate and enjoy this day.

At dawn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, groups of people walking walk through the streets singing, this is called «songs of Dawn». It is a peculiar and yet, very nice tradition that you cannot miss it.

In the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, children and elderly people decorate the streets with carpets of flowers, coloured sawdust or salt, whereby the morning procession will pass. The facades of the houses are covered with branches of beautiful green aspen. The balconies and windows are decorated with shawls and blankets. Puebla de Alcocer shines more than ever and looks very attractive and beautiful.