• A fortification over looking La Siberia and La Serena

    The castle of Puebla de Alcocer is an impressive castle built during the twelfth and thirteenth century, remodeled in the fifteenth century by Don Gutierre de Sotomayor, Master of the Order of Alcántara, thanks to the authorization of the license of the King of Castilla Juan II.

    It is located in an elongated rocky mass, at the highest point of Puebla de Alcocer, where rivalsmovements were monitored for miles around. Today we look over the regions of La Serena and La Siberia and the fortification can be seen from various points.

    The castle silhouette, the majestic Tower of Homage, the cylindrical floor,where at the top, you can see it decorated with the coat of arms of the families Zúñiga and Sotomayor.

    It can be visited on foot and one can explore the inner wall, the courtyard of arms and the Tower of Homage, where from its height, you can see a unique landscape. This is considered to be one of the largest reservoirs in Spain, the Reservoirs of  La Serena, and Orellana.

    The best thing about our castle is to immerse yourself in its history, feel like a medieval knight, go up its steep stairs and admire the wonderful stone walls that shape it, then imagine how the construction was originally built.In addition let your senses be bewitched by this incomparable paradise,unbeatable since the views are spectacular, night or day.

  • Inside the Castle and Tower of Homage

  • Do not hesitate, get your camera out and capture the moment!

    Plus you’ll be able to see one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen …

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